About Us

At Frog Hollow catering we can help you on your journey to a happier, healthier you because it’s a journey Charlotte Markham (Frog Hollow’s founder) has experienced herself. The great news is that if you fancy stopping off for something sweet on the way, you don’t need to abandon your travel plans, you just need to reroute, by choosing nourishing, whole food sweet snacks that will boost your energy, rather than deplete your precious reserves… You really will notice the difference in your va va voom.

So how did we get from A to B?

With over two decades of culinary experience, Charlotte knows a thing or two about nutrition… She’s cooked in restaurants, created working feasts in director’s dining rooms, sautéed on the high seas aboard luxury yachts and served up feasts at many more than four weddings and a funeral!

It was whilst Charlotte was taking a short career break to spend time with her new-born daughter, that she became one of the 1 in 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.K.; and it was this life changing moment that inspired her to turn the tables and change her own life instead. She enlisted the support she needed to get fit and healthy again, a combination of personal training and a well-known lifestyle weight management programme, and despite her oncologist’s pessimistic view that due to her drug therapy she would struggle to lose weight, Charlotte lost three and a half stone in just over six months.

Notwithstanding the success in achieving her weight loss goal, Charlotte had become disenchanted that on the way she had been encouraged to choose fat-free and diet foods, that contained artificial sweeteners and additives. She felt that they weren’t filling her with energy and in fact were doing her harm. Charlotte made a conscious decision to step away from the sweeteners and consume only nutritious whole foods. With nothing on the market that was completely natural and still able to curb her sugar cravings, Charlotte set about creating her own energy bites made with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. She finally had the treat she wanted. A snack that was filling, bursting with goodness and tasted better than the sweet foods she craved.

The next sector…

Charlotte remains fit and healthy and has caught the running bug, she’s committed to her new lifestyle and loves it so much she decided to share her delicious treats with others who are either on a weight loss journey or need a healthy energy boost in their busy lives.

Step aboard!

Frog Hollow specialises in super snacks, bringing you energy bites, raw cacao truffles and superfood cakes. All our products are gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free and made from 100% natural ingredients.

We don’t just care about your health we care about this beautiful planet too, so we use recyclable, biodegradable packaging and avoid plastic wherever we can. To reduce packaging we offer a refill option with our energy bites.

Start your journey today, step aboard the Frog Hollow express to happiness!

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