Beach days and backpacks… Picnics to nourish your nippers!

Hurrah, the sun is shining again! That can mean only one thing it’s time to pack a picnic and head into the great outdoors. But if you’re going to be out all day the owners of those tiny tummies will need nourishment to keep them on the go.

With that in mind, we asked our good friend Karen Lee at The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen, for some ideas and healthy alternatives to a cool bag laden with carbs or stuffed full of sugary snacks.

Here are Karen’s top tips for healthy picnic eats

  • Take crunchy snacks like carrots, celery, cauliflower chunks or breadsticks. Stack them in a lightweight pot where they will stay fresh longer, without going mushy or getting bruised. Grapes are always a good option too, but avoid strawberries (unless you can buy some wherever you are going).
  • For sensational sweet snacks, take cakes that travel well like banana and blueberry muffins or chewy tropical squares, or Frog Hollow energy bites of course!
  • When my kids were younger, I used to take a selection of the above and let them dive in and create their own smorgasbord of picnic food – they still like to make them now when they’re in their late teens!
  • Take bottled water to keep you well hydrated if it’s hot.
  • If you do get pulled in to buying junk snacks look for baked crisps rather than fried. Fruit lollies or sorbet are a healthier option than ice cream.

For the ultimate portable power packed snack order a Pick & Mix Jar of Frog Hollow Energy Bites HERE.

Disclaimer:  The sun was shining when I wrote this blog post… I hope it still is when you read it!

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