Don’t worry, bee happy!

10th July marks national “Don’t step on a bee day”!

Here at Frog Hollow we think that every day should be a day that these stripy little fellas, so vital to our planet, are protected from feet!

Without honeybees, the planet would look very different indeed; favourite summer foods like strawberries and avocados would disappear, and so would your morning coffee, because bees work tirelessly to pollinate about one third of everything we eat. These industrious creatures are invaluable to maintaining ecosystems around the world.

Olivia and I were thrilled to have a swarm of bees visit us at home in May, which were safely relocated to Tuppenny Barn in Emsworth.

If you’d like to protect these beautiful busy, buzzy creatures for more than one day a year, here are six ways you can help.

  • Let your garden grow – Plant bee friendly plants. The Royal Horticultural Society website can help you choose honeybee favourites. Let the grass grow under your feet a little, it will give the bees places to feed and shelter… Who really needs an excuse not to do the mowing?!
  • Put away the pesticides – Chemicals and pest treatments might make your roses look fancy, but they’re not doing the bees any good at all.
  • Go local – We’re talking honey, honey! By doing so you’ll be supporting your local beekeepers who care about the stripy fellas. We can thoroughly recommend the honey sold at Tuppenny Barn. It may even have been helped along by our visiting swarm.
  • Count bees not sheep – Take part in the Friends of the Earth Great British Bee Count. You’ll be helping provide data that bee experts can use to learn more about how bee decline can be reversed.
  • Adopt a beehive, or give one as a gift – The British Bee Keeper’s Association has an initiative that allows you to become an armchair beekeeper. Find out more HERE.
  • Let your littlies bee educated – The fabulous Tuppenny Barn has a Bee Creative education day as part of their summer holiday programme. Find out more HERE.

If you’d like to celebrate honeybees by tasting the fruits of their labour and at the same time pop some spring in your step, then look no further than our O’Sesame Energy Bites containing raw honey; or the Carrot Buzz flavour containing bee pollen.

And if you fancy a slice of something nice with your cuppa after buzzing around, then the Frog Hollow Blueberry and Lemon Mousse Superfood Cake will do just the trick, it’s chock full of delicious, nutritious ingredients, including the natural sweetness of honey!

Order your treats HERE.

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