Plastic…. Not so fantastic

In this week’s blog post I’m not sharing healthy ideas or recipes; and I’m certainly not trying to sell you energy bites, raw cacao truffles or superfood cakes. Instead, I’ve decided to write about something that’s very close to my heart, so please read on…

Some of you may know that I’m a boatie at heart. I love the ocean and for many years, as a chef on board luxury yachts, I took great pleasure in sautéeing on the high seas. My love of sailing and being by the coast is something I share with my family, and Olivia has grown up with sea legs, feeling quite comfortable in a lifejacket. That’s why I felt compelled to act upon a petition I recently viewed, highlighting the amount of plastic being poured into our oceans, more than 8 million tons every year, bringing our oceans to the brink of disaster. This, in turn, led me to the Plastic Oceans Foundation website. Plastic Oceans is a global network of independent not-for-profits and charitable organisations, united in their aims to change the world’s attitude towards plastic within a generation.

Sadly, as if deadly polluted oceans weren’t enough, an article in the current (7th September) Waitrose Weekend Magazine highlights that our beaches are also awash with litter.

But you can help turn this all around… Here’s how…

  • Visit the Plastic Oceans Foundation website, and start acting on the 7 Easy Things You Can Do to Reduce Plastic Pollution, there’s a handy infographic HERE.
  • Join the Great British Beach Clean from 15-18 September. Discover more about it on the Marine Conservation Society website.
  • Think about what you buy and how you reuse and recycle packaging. At Frog Hollow we don’t just care about your health we care about this beautiful planet too, so we use recyclable, biodegradable packaging and avoid plastic wherever we can. To reduce packaging we offer a refill option on the glass jars filled with our energy bites. If you buy our Raw Cacao Truffles we encourage you to reuse the little black box they are delivered in. Fill it with a gift for somebody else, keep your treasures safe or give it to your little ones to get crafty with! We’d love to know how you have used yours… Share your photos on line with us, using the hashtags #planetfriendly #froghollow. You’ll find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s time to get to work for the next generation!

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