Top marks for teachers

There are several African proverbs that roughly translate into the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. Growing great adults is a big job; and no matter where you live in the world it’s likely true that you have a community of family, friends and professionals who help to instil great values in your mini-me, filling them with wisdom and confidence and contributing to their overall health and happiness.

It goes without saying that the village elders to be thanked at this time of year are your children’s teachers… Yes, we know that by many it’s deemed just another commercial opportunity and we also appreciate that teachers get paid to do their job. But let’s not forget that teachers work around sixty hours a week not just educating, but also contributing to the overall well-being of our children, surely that deserves a little recognition at the end of term?

To celebrate the end of term we thought we’d share the Frog Hollow alphabet guide (well, at least A to E) of why teachers deserve top marks!

  • A is for affinity – Teachers have an innate ability to put themselves in their pupil’s shoes and guide them through a problem or sticky situation with empathy.
  • B is for bright – It takes a bright person to be as resourceful as the lovely teachers we know. When time and budget is tight they still find ways to ignite young minds and deliver education with enthusiasm.
  • C is for creativity – A good tutor is always looking for new ways to fascinate their students and ensure that a lesson is not just learned but remembered.
  • D is for discipline – Yes, there has to be some! We’re not talking about exclusion and punishment, we’re talking about structure and organisation, two keys to a successful life.
  • E is for expectation – They believe in our youngsters as much as we do and their high expectations are a gift to their students, setting the bar to encourage and foster success.


If you think your child’s teacher deserves a little end of term pep up, an apple might not do the trick but a jar of Frog Hollow energy bites is just the ticket for some added va va voom! For more details click HERE.

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